Welcome to the Solo Swim website. Based in Southport, we offer a great range of self -designed and structured swimming classes for all levels from novice to advanced. So if your child is learning to swim or simply needs to build confidence in the water, or perhaps they are a budding Michael Phelps or Rebecca Addlington and need some advanced coaching, we at Solo Swim can help!

Starting as a beginner at level 1 and finishing highly trained with competitive stroke techniques at level 6 we have designed all of the classes ourselves to achieve what we consider to be the best possible results, focusing on technique and discipline.

To pass each level you have to show the teacher you can do specific swimming criteria. The higher the level you achieve the better swimmer you become!

So if you are looking for children’s swimming lessons in Southport, looking to learn to swim or for private lessons, look no further than Solo Swim!

Offering 6 levels of swimming, from beginners to competitive, Solo Swim are committed to improving technique and discipline to achieve the highest results.
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If you are looking to start your child swimming, or they need more practice, or perhaps you would like some personal lessons yourself, please contact us.